Deco Art Project is a French interior decoration, building and architecture company based on the island of Gran Canaria and directed by Max Foucher, a professional based on the island with more than twenty years of experience.

His sensitivity allows him to create harmony by quickly visualising and personalising the style of decoration that corresponds to each client, always respecting their ideas and wishes. His professional intervention guarantees the successful combination of colours, materials, shapes, volumes and lighting, harmonising the most diverse styles.

Max Foucher has been collaborating for several years with other complementary companies in the field of decoration (painters, masons, electricians, carpenters, etc.). Max Foucher provides you with a personal and individualised approach to your project, regardless of the size of the project and in order to manage the intervention of the other professionals who may be involved, allowing you to make the most of the overall offer.

Adapting to your budget, we also offer advice on the purchase of furniture, wall coverings, wallpaper and wall panelling, trompe l'oeil, curtains, paintings and decorative objects.